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As a new Italian publishing house, Kudos is looking for comics, graphic novels, and manuals.

Follow our guidelines and we will be happy to see if we can help bring your project to life!

Kudos is currently looking for original stories and comics to enrich its catalogue.


Do you have a project or dream that you want to submit to our publishing house?

Follow our guidelines and we will be happy to review your material.

Kudos is happy to publish webcomics, indie comics and similar Material that is partially shared elsewhere, such as a webcomic published online.



Kudos is not a “Vanity Press”, which means Kudos will not ask for or require Authors to pay to have their materials published.

Kudos is looking for comics, graphic novels, manuals, translations of foreigns publications and books already published in other countries.

At the moment, Kudos accepts submission from full teams or from single Authors (scriptwriters, penciller, inker, colorists).


Kudos is a young Italian publishing house which it has chosen a top-class typography:

For our perfect bound books, we have chosen , that provides a wide variety of products and papers for an optimum personalization of the books. 

Skillpress provides services dedicated to privates and businesses, from publishing to packaging, to office products. 

The services offered by Skillpress are suitable even for small print runs and self-publishing, for comics, artbooks and novels.